Are you looking to design a residential, office, industrial or other space and need help with the layout? Look no further than line-based generic laminate casework! This dynamic massing model offers a variety of modification options that will help you customize your space to perfection. With the help of this laminate casework, you can add or remove top cabinets, backsplashes, and more to create a design layout that fits your needs.
So how does it work? To begin, open up the Fetch application. You can search for your product and once you’ve found and selected it; click on the three ellipses buttons followed by “Insert”. This will import the family into your project file. Once it has been imported, head to the properties tab; here you will find different construction modifications such as adding top cabinets and backsplashes. Additionally, there is an option to enter top type number which allows you to add a flat top (zero) or slope/rectangular top (one/two).

The materials and finishes are also completely customizable - from soffit material to countertops and base material. All you have to do is select the element and open up the materials browser! In addition, the dimension section allows for manipulation of different family element dimensions from bottom cabinet depth all the way up to actual height.

Aside from customizing individual elements, you can also use this line-based laminate casework to make an island within a kitchen setting! Simply go over to architecture tab in plan view and click component in build section; then place it on face or work plane depending on whether or not there is already a floor set up. Once placed onto either location, modify it in order to make it an island - uncheck top cabinet and backsplash before checking left right back overhangs for example - et voila! 

Overall, line-based generic laminate casework provides an easy solution when attempting conceptual designs that involve layout details like furniture placement etc. With its various modification options and customizable material selections, designing spaces of all sorts just got simpler! So why wait? Head over to Fetch website or download their app now!


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